Our Philosophy

Maison Escrime was created in 2014 by a group of passionate people that aimed to offer a very distinct experience to fencers around the Australian Capital Territory.

The four pillars of the clubs are:

A structured training:

Maison Escrime offers a structured training that includes a warm up, footwork and bladework in each training session.

Coaches are always available to provide guidance and feedbacks. The enjoyment of our members is a priority, and we work to develop a social web around our club.

A specialised training:

Maison Escrime specialises in Epee. All fencers at the club practice the same weapon and can practice against each other. The training is based around the technical expertise of the coaches.

An adapted training:

We adapt our training to each individual member. We use  group classes to create momemtum and inspire all fencers to progress and enjoy this sport to the fullest.

A different experience:

Maison Escrime aims to provide a different experience of the sport of Fencing. The European Heritage of Fencing is reflected in the club culture. Coaches are called Maitre.