Fencing Club in Canberra

Maison Fencing Club (a not-for-profit organisation) is a Fencing Club that has been operating in Canberra since 2014. Maison specialises in the fencing weapon Epee.

Here is some key information regarding the club:


Important message dated: Feb 2022

BREAKING NEWS !    MAISON FENCING CLUB is excited to announce a new venue has been located at Weston Creek Community Centre Weston ACT.

The Club is able to offer regular Tuesday night fencing and a training time of 7pm - 9pm. This extends the club's previous arrangements which were limited to co-incide with school terms and was closed during school holidays.

Our first night of training will be Tuesday 15th February.

Parking/access: Southside carpark for Cooleman Court (Whitney Place Weston ACT)

Access to carpark from Parkinson Street.

Please note our contact email has changed - Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Older news:     Activities of the Maison Escrime Fencing Club for 2021 were suspended in August 2021 due to the ACT lockdown. Normal training at Kaleen School has been interrupted: Due to safety and cleaning protocols required by the school, it was not possible to restart training in 2021. This also means that anticipated use of the gym will not be possible from Term-1 2022 until approval has beeen granted by the ACT School Directorate.


The Corona Virus is an ongoing health concern for many people. The club has taken advice from the Australian Fencing Federation and adopted the best practice measures proposed by the ACT Governments regarding indoor sporting activities. The number of participants in the gym hall at any time has been relaxed, but we will continue to require attendance tracking, distancing rules and hygeine measures.

Fencers proposing to attend and fence are requested to have their own fencing clothing and equipment. No sharing or use of club clothing or weapons. It would be appreciated if you could advise the club on a week-by-week basis if you intend to participate by sending an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and providing your name and phone/contact details.  Preference will be given to club members to attend, but visitors from other clubs are most welcome (Maison follows a minimum age policy of 16 years).


Normal training times is TWO hours: 
Tuesday evening - 7pm to 9pm. (even during school holidays)

Beginners classes will resume again later in 2022.

Age group:
The club caters to fencers from 16 years of age, but consideration may be made on a case by case basis. Please contact the club for clarification.

Maison Escrime welcomes fencers of all levels.

Membership and casual classes:
We offer term and annual memberships as well as welcoming casual fencers visiting from other clubs. See the pricing tab for details.

Individual lessons:
Individual lessons will be provided to Maison members as part of the normal classes on an adhoc basis. Private coaching can be arranged outside of the normal training hours.

Location:    Weston Creek Community Centre Weston ACT.
Cooleman Court      Whitney Place Weston ACT 2611    (Southern side carpark)

Bring your own. Except for Beginners Classes.

Beginner classes:
See relevant tab.

Please register your interest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



ACTFA Open Championships held March 2021 at the Tuggeranong Archery Centre

Novice Epee - Harry Ambler 7th and Annelise Crowley 11th.

Open Epee - Georg Mittermair 3rd and Oliver Bryson 8th.

Veteran Epee - Georg Mittermair 1st

Veteran Sabre - Richard Bryson 3rd

Club members were well represented in almost all the fencing categories - well done team!


ACTFA Age Championships held November 2020 at the Tuggeranong Archery Centre

Full results can be accessed via the ACTFA website, but congratulations to Loius Bick and Oliver Bryson

In the Epee event Loius picked up GOLD in U15,  GOLD in U17 and SILVER in the U20 age groups.

Oliver fenced all three weapons and recieved a SILVER in U20 Sabre, SILVER in U20 Foil, and BRONZE in U23 Foil.


Club competition Wed 14th October 2020 - Maison Open Epee

There was a good turnout considering it was very late in the calendar year and many people were still cautious re Covid. The format was two pools followed by DE. 


1st    Louis Bink       ( a nail-biting finish to take the title 15-14)  Congratulations to the new Club Champion.

2nd   Rita Noonan    (obviously likes a nail-biting finish with victory over Richard Bryson 15-14 in the previous bout)

3rd    Cath Syme

3rd    Richard Bryson

Great to see a mix of young and old, guys and gals in the medals, and all others having a fun time.

Thankyou to the ANU Fencing Club for providing additional scoring boxes. Thank you to all the competitors from other clubs. The minor placings were in the following order:

Justin Crowley, Jose Guevara, Rick Stevens, Garry Webster, Adam Bartley, Viv Rolland.


Club competition Wed 16th September 2020 - Maison Mixed Medal Epee 

The results from the round-robin handicap format can be accessed here 

Photos of male and female medal winners with major prizes are below

   Georg Mittermair, Viv Rolland, Jeremy Canard   (image modified for covid)

   Rita Noonan, Cath Syme, Jay Canard     (image modified for covid)


Thanks to Richard Bryson for the photos, organising prizes and efficiently managing a smoothly run competition.